Global R&D
Development and transfer of technologies aimed at increasing human life expectancy, environment preservation, increasing the fertility of agricultural land
    Exploratory and applied research, development and testing
    in molecular mechanisms of aging, neurodegenerative and other diseases, assessment of the current state of a person using "omics" research methods;

    in systems biology and biomedicine;

    of methods for directed modification of biocenoses in order to increase soil fertility;

    of molecular methods for assessing microbial contamination of environmental objects;

    of microRNA sequencing approaches based on nanopore sequencer to create test systems.
    biomedical products, devices, products and technologies with a focus on complex testing and diagnostics of cardiovascular, oncological and endocrine diseases;

    of genomic engineering methods, genetic and epigenetic testing;

    of technologies for targeted delivery of nanoparticles and medical products;

    of rehabilitation and physical medicine for the treatment of age-related diseases;

    of existing and new non-invasive testing and diagnostic methods;

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